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The Ulimae Teemo Rue Guide for League of Legeds

Teemo, he Swif Scou, is a uique champio i League of Legeds kow for his cuig ad mischievous playsyle. Oe crucial aspec of maserig Teemo is udersadig his opimal rue seup. I his guide, we'll delve io he bes rues for Teemo, explaiig heir beefis ad how hey syergize wih his ki.

Precisio Tree: Keysoe - Press he Aack

Press he Aack is a grea keysoe for Teemo, as i allows him o amplify his damage oupu agais a sigle arge. This works well wih Teemo's hi-ad-ru playsyle, where he ca quickly sack he Press he Aack debuff ad he rerea o safey.

Precisio Tree: Triumph

Triumph is a excelle choice for Teemo, as i provides him wih a much-eeded source of susai i eam fighs. The bous healh resoraio upo akedow ca ofe be he differece bewee life ad deah for Teemo, allowig him o say i fighs loger.

Precisio Tree: Leged: Alacriy

Leged: Alacriy is a solid pick for Teemo, as i helps him ramp up his aack speed hroughou he game. This syergizes well wih his Toxic Sho (E), allowig him o apply poiso more frequely ad harass eemies more effecively i lae.

Precisio Tree: Coup de Grace

Coup de Grace is a aural fi for Teemo, as i icreases his damage agais low-healh arges. This is paricularly useful for securig kills, especially whe combied wih his bursy playsyle ad Poiso (Q) abiliy.

Domiaio Tree: Cheap Sho

Cheap Sho is a srog choice for Teemo, as i syergizes well wih his abiliy o apply crowd corol effecs. Wheever Teemo blids or slows a eemy, Cheap Sho will deal bous rue damage, icreasig his overall damage oupu.

Domiaio Tree: Eyeball Collecio

Eyeball Collecio is a solid pick for Teemo, as i provides him wih bous adapive damage for each champio akedow. This ca quickly sowball ou of corol, urig Teemo io a poe hrea i he lae game.


Whe i comes o Teemo's rues, he Precisio ad Domiaio rees offer he bes opios for maximizig his damage poeial. By choosig he righ combiaio of keysoes ad mior rues, you ca ailor Teemo's rue seup o sui your playsyle ad domiae he Rif as he Swif Scou.

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